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Water Features


You love water, and the presence of a fountain or waterfall is relaxing as well as eye pleasing. If you’re seeking a landscape that is attractive and unique, a water feature may be a great strategy to enjoy a more natural aesthetic. Wilmington Landscaping creates a stunning water features that offer harmony and visual appeal that contributes to the value of your property. As a top rated Delaware landscaper, we execute the vision of clients and exceed your expectations for high quality workmanship. You will benefit from our decades of experience when we offer our expert feedback and advice for installing a water feature.

Sound of Nature
The sound of a water feature in landscaping creates a feeling of peace and being one with nature. There is a reason why it is a sound that is popular to reproduce in relaxation music. The sound of flowing water over rocks or the rushing sound waterfalls is pleasant to listen to and we are able to create amazing structures that use water as a feature to calm your mind and uplift your environment and increase the value of your home. You will not find a better landscapers with the skill and expertise to create eye catching water features that withstand the test of time as a high quality design element.

Unique Design
Let us bring high quality design elements into your landscaping that also produce the sound of nature on your property. If you are seeking a creative and unique design element that is underscores your personal aesthetic and offers a relaxing tone to your property, a water feature could be just the highlight you are seeking.  We offer clients high quality and unique structures that make your home a stand-out among your neighbors. When we assess your property to create a water feature, we evaluate your architecture as well as your personal vision for beauty to create and construct a design the is customized for your space. Rather than taking a cookie cutter approach, you will find our skills are suited to creating designs that are one-of-a-kind.

Enhance the Local Ecosystem
Adding a water feature to your property can attract amazing wildlife and creating more harmony in the environment. You will likely notice more birds or butterflies will visit your property. Bees and dragonflies will likely also visit, and you will see an improvement in your overall environment because you are contributing to the circle of life by adding a feature that they can use. This means your barren space will come alive and transform itself into a landscape that you enjoy watching and experiencing. Many clients find that a water feature is also entertaining due to wide variety of wildlife that is attracted to this design element

Fit for Any Space
It doesn’t matter whether you have a large mansion or a more modest space, a water feature is fit for any space. When you call us, our experts will arrive at your property to conduct an assessment and determine the most appropriate size and help you select a creative design that matches your aesthetic. We are passionate about creating beautiful structures that improve your quality of life and highlight the appeal of creating harmony with nature.


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