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Landscape Design


Your property looks nice, but you’re seeking that wow factor that takes your lawn and trees into a more organized, planned retreat. You want an outstanding landscape design that you and your loved ones can enjoy all year long, whether it is in the heat of summer or the frigid cold of winter there are beautiful flowers, trees, and shrubs that bloom for you to enjoy. Wilmington Landscaping has the professional knowledge, skills and abilities as top rated landscapers to provide beautiful landscape design you will love all throughout the year. We will help you connect with nature, and enhance your quality of life through our workmanship.

Year-Round Beauty
As professional landscape designers we are able to offer you plant life and tree planning that looks attractive all year long. Whether it is in the dead of winter or the extensive rains in spring, you will find that your landscape has something beautiful to offer. Your eyes will never be searching for greenery and life because we have the formal education and skills for seasonal flowers and tree. This means you will benefit from life that blooms all year long. As an amateur you may need to search online for companion planting and seasonal planning, but when you hire our Delaware landscape designers, we have a wide breadth of knowledge.

Creating Balance
Planning is a major component of landscape design as well as ensuring that there is balance between your trees, shrubs and flowers. This also includes any man-made or hardscape or water features you want to include. We are the leading landscape designers in the region and when you look at our work online, you will see that our detailed planning provides wonderful balance between several features. If you are looking for beauty and functionality, you will have chose the premier landscaper in Delware when you employ our expertise. We are passionate about creating ways on your property that smoothly blend the natural environment for your pleasure and the protection of nature.

Site Analysis
Each property has a unique feature, issue or challenge. We take an individualized approach to landscape design by conducting a detailed site analysis. This means every decision made considers the needs of your property, topography, soil health and other factors. Our highly skilled landscapers have a wealth of knowledge to ensure that every decision is appropriate for your location and we sit with homeowners to understand their vision. All of these factors blend wonderfully to provide you with landscape design that is exactly as you imagined and exceeds your expectations. You can expect our team to provide you with feedback and advice that respects nature and understands the long term outcomes and consequences of decisions.

Professional Expertise
When you are seeking a professional, licensed, certified and ensured Delaware landscape design team, we offer excellence of service. We have a mission to provide clients with landscaping that is complimentary to the architecture of your home and matches your aesthetic. This means we do not take a cookie cutter approach. Instead, you will find that we take our time to create a uniform flow that considers the variety you want and the seasonal changes in the region.

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