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About Our Team


Your property is your pride and joy and you love the quality of life it provides, especially more if you had a landscaping company to take exceptional care of your trees, shrubs flowers and plant life. Wilmington Landscaping is the premier company in Delaware that can provide high quality workmanship because we possess a deep understanding of design and tree care that you can trust. You will not find better suited landscapers who are formally trained arborists to plan an entire ecosystem on your property. If you are seeking exquisite “landscaping near me,” we do not compromise on using sustainable products and approaches that take a do no harm approach to the environment. We are passionate about our work and you will find our prices affordable as a landscaping company that has prowess creating designs that complement the architecture of your property and match your personal aesthetic. We know these are important features as landscaping often affects not only the market value of your property but also your quality of life.

If you are seeking landscaping in Wilmington or landscapers in Delaware, you will not find a more knowledgeable team of experts when you choose us. As a widely known team, we take pride in our professional knowledge, formal education and decades of experience providing quality care to landscaped property. When you call us, we can help you decide on large scale plans that include water features or modest ones, but no matter what size, you will find that Wilmington Landscaping offers quality services at affordable prices.


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