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Lay Sod / New Lawn Installation


You may be considering seeding your lawn versus the cost of laying sod. Wilmington Landscaping can provide you with full details and the benefits of new lawn installation that is cost efficient and the best strategy for your property. We conduct sodding and seeing to a wide variety of properties, whether big or small you can expect your lawn to look green and healthy. We have a long time presence in the Delaware landscape industry and we are passionate about providing clients with sustainable strategies for investing in their property. When you want long term solutions for a better looking lawn, we have the deep experience to assist you.

Instant Lawn
You want your property to have the best chance possible for curb appeal yet your lawn is looking bald and patchy. You can have an instant lawn when you choose sod installation. You have green healthy lush grass as soon as we install it and you have the peace of mind knowing that you don’t have to wait for the many weeks needed for seeding your lawn. If you want a beautiful lawn without the long weeks of waiting, our landscapers in Delaware have access to high quality sodding. We take great pride in our practical and efficient methods for transforming your lawn from bald and brown to lush and green in a single day.


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Faster Growth
When you have fully grown grass laid down on your property, this means you have less wait time than if you used seeding process. Using sod means you don’t have to worry and watch your seeded grass like a hawk so that people are not walking in those areas. You also won’t have to shoo away birds and other animals that made use the seeding as a food source. Seeding is a delicate process and easily damaged, unlike walking on sod installation that can withstand everyday activities and foot traffic because it is already established grass. Before it is laid down, sod already has a big head start in growth that makes it a more efficient and less vulnerable to damage strategy.

Less Irrigation
Water may be in abundance on your property but you will find yourself using a great deal of it to ensure the growth of seedling grass. This is not the case with sod installation. It requires far less maintenance because it has already had an opportunity to grow before it is brought to your property. Seedling grass can often require you to water it as many as four times each to to ensure its growth and to keep the soil in moist conditions. This is not the case with watering sod, which typically only requires it two times per day. This also means you do not require as much attention to irrigation measures. When you call our professional landscapers, we provide you with an assessment to determine the best conditions for sod installation.

Soil Protection
Sod installation is popular among landscapers for a variety of reasons. Protecting soil from wide spread problems with soil is chief among them. When seed installation methods are used, windy condition on your property will often blow away some of it before it has a chance to germinate. But sod is already germinated and growing so you have the peace of mind that your investment in landscaping is safe from weather conditions that could disrupt your new lawn.

Experience and reputation are true indicators of a contractor's success in an area. Putting trust in a service provider with time and money is something that every customer considers with great significance. In California, the team we came across was one of the best landscapers in Elk Grove. They provided free estimates at no addtional charge and carried warranties on their supplies for sod, pavers, concrete, and more. Taking the time to find a landscaper is something that will pay dividends in the future for property owners.