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Whether you are seeking landscaping that is functional or complex and marries your natural environment with hardscaping like water features, Wilmington Landscaping can achieve it. As a professional licensed service provider, we offer landscape designs that are exquisite and use environmentally sustainable methods as well as products. Your landscape design can feel like a retreat that marries your personal aesthetic and the architecture of your property with the surrounding environment. We have a high degree of experience as well as formal knowledge and training to achieve exceptional quality workmanship on your property. Many clients are seeking wow factor or a dynamic space that uses hardscaping as well as the natural environment to create a peaceful environment, but you do not need a fortune to achieve it. We offer affordable and fair prices that you will find value for money.

Our services include:

  • Landscape Design
  • New Lawn Installation
  • Water Features
  • Pruning
  • Leaf Cleanup and Mulching
  • Snow Removal

Wilmington Landscaping is passionate about environmental preservation and our landscape design married this sentiment with your personal vision by creating landscape design that does no harm to the environment. Instead, we create Delaware lawn and landscape features that enhance the appeal of your property and increase your quality of life. You mand find that the habitat on your property has improved as a result of our work, and you and your family will enjoy the oasis that is created. But you don’t have to drain your wallet to work with our expert landscaping team to bond with nature. Instead, we provide affordable landscape designs that are highly creative and environmentally friends.

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