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Leaf Cleanup and Mulching


You may not be thinking about leaf cleanup right now, but it is a far better strategy to conduct early reconnaissance and planning for the right Delaware landscaping company. Wilmington Landscaping professional cleaned up and mulching provide clients with labor that is reliable and trustworthy. Rather than spend time sweeping, raking and dragging around heavy waste for disposal, you can employ us to do the heavy lifting on your behalf. We are a decades old landscaping team that is passionate about creating attractive environments throughout the region that increase quality of life and enjoyment of nature. This also means conducting cleanup and mulching that creates a better cleaner property.

Prevent Pest infestation
Removing dead leaves, weeds, debris and twigs is a typical part of our work on your property. This ensures better curb appeal and creates a healthier environment for seasonal plant and tree life. Many times, people believe it is better to leave dead leaves and twigs on your grass, and though this may be partially true for mulching reasons, leaving too many destroys the balance in your yard leaving your landscaping vulnerable to fungus and plant diseases as well as pest infestations. We conduct leaf removal in an educated and skilled manner to ensure balance is maintained and restored in your landscaping.

Protecting Drainage
Cleaning up leaves on your property isn’t just a tactic for great curb appeal. In fact, it is a good strategy to ensure that your drainage remains in good conditions. When you have a lot of trees that drop their leaves with seasonal changes it can have a grave consequence on your drainage system, leaving inlet/outlets pipes vulnerable to getting blocked. Even sticks and branches can come from healthy trees that are going through seasonal changes may jeoparadize the functional ability of your trees.

Other Tasks
During seasons in which you are likely to face changes in your property, we conduct a wide variety other tasks to keep your landscape healthy. Tree pruning, shrub pruning and pruning your perennials are common maintenance issues during our leaf clean up and mulching process to ensure that they grow taller and continue to be healthy and flower during after the winter. This procedure also protects your property from fallen tree branches that may happen during heaving spring or fall storms.   As deeply experienced arborists, you will not find a better team to provide this level of treatment for your greenery during leaf cleanup

Professional Expertise
Leaf cleanup and mulching may not be a difficult task to conduct, but as a profession we offer a more thorough and efficient approach. This happens in tandem with other important tasks to ensure that your landscaping looks amazing. Trees and shrubs all need attention to remain healthy through their lifespan. You will find that our natural approaches include routine inspection. As a decade old Delaware landscaper, we have the professional experience you are seeking. You will not find a better rated team in the region that is dedicated to servicing clients and to practicing sustainable techniques.


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